For heating bitumen decanting machine is a very safe option. It is preferred by road contractors and also by bitumen sellers around the world. This equipment will take in drums full of solid material. Heat inside the chamber is responsible for melting the asphalt that comes in drums. Drummed decanters are very safe as heating process is indirect by circulation of hot thermic oil inside the pipelines that run inside the chamber.


This bitumen decanting machine from Atlas is a high efficient and easy to use equipment designed for melting bitumen that comes in drums. It is ideal machine for customers looking for a safe, reliable, economical solution. It is designed to reheat and also melt asphalt safely and economically that comes in drums. This liquid can be stored in separate tanks or can be transferred into tankers as and when required.

Bitumen decanter equipment from Atlas can be integrated with existing asphalt plant or binder plant. The foundation required for installation of this machine is very less as the drum decanters can be installed and made to run in quick time.

There are many sites where logistics of bitumen is an issue. There are many land locked areas which are very remote and where liquid for of bitumen comes from far of places and heating + transfer at sites can be hazzle. Even the cost of transporting and handling large quantity can be headache. Reliability and even regular supply of is questionable. This asphalt drum melter is useful in many such cases. One can buy as many as barrels and store them at the site. These drums full of bitumen can be used as and when required. Bitumen is melted by hot gas which is generated due to the continuous flow of hot oil inside the heating chamber. It is collected below the machine and it can be transferred as and when required. Heating is by thermic oil heater which is very safe and economical method. The thermic oil heater uses diesel / LDO to heat oil.

This Atlas drum melting unit comes in 4 models and range in the capacities 5 tph, 7 tph, 9 tph and 11 tph with 27, 40, 50 and 60 drums respectively. Each model comes with suitable storage capacity below the unit. The batch time is 60-70 minutes in continuous operation. Heating of asphalt that is stored below is also by indirect heating which is very safe method and does not allow ageing. A pump is provided so that liquid material can be transferred into another container.

Loading of drums inside the decanting machine is hydraulically and is pushed into the machine. The drums have to be fed continuously inside the decanter. Drum arrangement is in rows that will help drums enter one side of the machine thus helping in pushing the other drums. Drum will melt completely and exit the other end of the heating chamber. The upper part is the heating chamber and the lower part is the storage section for liquid bitumen. Heating chamber is fully insulated from all sides by 50 mm glasswool.

Model ACM 5 ACM 7 ACM 9 ACM 11
Capacity 5 tph 7 tph 9 tph 11 tph

Capacities above 11 tph are tailor made.

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9 tph bitumen decanting machine manufacturer

9 tph in Oman

7 tph bitumen drummed decanter

7 tph near Pali, India