Road building with the use of asphalt is very popular across the world. A large number of contractors make roads that use asphalt.

A large number of machinery is used in making the road. Bitumen Sprayer is one such machine that is used to apply bitumen before asphalt laying is done.

Bitumen Sprayer comes with a suitable capacity tank mounted on a chassis and it also houses a engine, a compressor, pump, spray bar, etc.

An engine is used in the bitumen sprayer which is of suitable capacity depending on the capacity of the sprayer. This engine controls the operation of Bitumen pump and air compressor.

Both the pumps have pressure relief valve that prevents any pipeline damage in case of a line blockage. Pressure setting allows working with different desired pressure.

Bitumen Burner supplied with sprayers is to heat the bitumen inside the drum. The burner is compatible with Diesel, LDO and Kerosene.

The spray bar is to spray uniformly heated bitumen on the road and spraying of bitumen is extremely uniform. These spray bars are fitted with spray nozzles which help to spray hot asphalt.

Pneumatic system controls the movement of spray bar nozzles. It is conveniently located near the operator seat. Moisture separator in the pipe lines increases the life of cylinder. There is a pressure regulator combined with the moisture separator which is used for control of pneumatic pressure. Hand lever valve is used for open-close of cylinder.

The bitumen sprayers also come with pressure cleaning system which helps to clean the entire pipe lines of the sprayer and does not result into clogging of the equipment.