Atlas Equipments bitumen sprayers are for uniformly spraying of asphalt before the laying of hot mix asphalt. This is one of the important machine for road construction. This machine is available in two types : mini sprayer and truck mounted type.

It is important to spray hot asphalt uniformly over the road prior to laying of hot mix because this helps in binding the hot mix asphalt to the surface below. It acts as a binder material here.

Both the machines come with suitable capacity tank which can hold sufficient quantity. These storage tanks are insulated to prevent faster heat loss and also come with burner system for keeping the bitumen in liquid condition. Bigger sized machines are truck mounted and the smaller machines can be pulled by any suitable vehicle.

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Atlas truck mounted type bitumen sprayer is available in capacities as 4 tons, 6 tons, 8 tons, 10 tons to 12 tons. We manufacture the chassis as per the truck chassis available with you and hence when the equipment arrives at your site it exactly fits the truck. You can use a new or old truck for installation. The bitumen pressure distributor comes in various sizes and capacities and one can choose the correct size depending on their requirement. All the sizes come with insulated tanks with efficient burner system, sprayer bar, cleaning pipelines. The diesel engine operates air compressor and bitumen pump.




Atlas is tar sprayer manufacturer India that lays special emphasis on quality factor. The mini sprayer that we manufacture is designed and developed keeping in mind that this machine will be subjected to harsh conditions and that it will be used at remote areas. An efficient diesel engine couples with cleaning system for the pipe lines make the maintenance part tension free. Available in 3 tons capacities, the tank is fully insulates with efficient burner. The entire machine is set on a single chassis which can be easily towed and taken to places. It comes with a hand spray nozzle for spraying bitumen effectively.