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Concrete batch mix plant in Bangalore, India is supplied by Atlas Equipments and is of capacity 30 m3/hr. Atlas is Indian manufacturer of quality construction equipment. This machine is built on a heavy duty chassis and each component is crafted with perfection.

The key units/components of the batch mix plant supplied here are as 4 number of bins for sand and gravel; suspended weighing conveyor for aggregates; aggregate charging conveyor; twin shaft type mixing unit for homogeneous and faster mixing; weighing tank for water; hopper for cement weighing; additive weighing flask; screw conveyor and hopper for cement; air compressor for powering all pneumatic and PLC based control panel inside a control cabin.

In this equipment, cement is added by a cement hopper as well as cement silo of capacity 50 tons with a separate screw conveyor.

Simple design and operation makes this concrete batch mix plant the ideal choice of many. Twin shaft mixing unit helps in fast and homogeneous mixing of the material.

This machine is built to last for years promising smooth and error free operation. All the load cells used for weighing system promise accuracy and error free reading. Plant automation is easy and devised in such a way that the concrete plant operator can use the machine effectively and with ease. All important components like additive flask are also included with the machine. Components used in the equipment are all reputed make which will increase the life of the machine and get best performance so that you always stay ahead of the competition.

We have laid emphasis on the control panel software making it very easy to use with a touch screen display. Operators who can operate mobile phones will find it easy to operate the panel. Editing, deleting, adding or switching between recipes is made easy. It is also possible to print different mix material data as per requirement.