Buy small concrete mixers for civil construction jobs Three models are available one is hand fed, second is with mechanical hopper and third model is with hydraulic hopper. All the three machines are designed on heavy duty chassis and the mixing shell is designed to perform for years.

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ATLAS Concrete Mixers are made up using finest quality materials.
The quality we give is un parallel.
All the parts used are highly durable and suited for tough Indian conditions.
Operating and maintenance is extremely easy and does not require skilled labour.
Superior Casting material casting material gives the machine long life.
This mixers are sure to perform and deliver in the toughest of conditions.

concrete mixer with hydraulic hopper
concrete mixer with mechanical hopper
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It is a 10/7 cft. is capacity mini concrete mixer with hydraulic hopper. The sturdy chassis is robustly fabricated from heavy steel section of all machines including the one with mechanical hopper. The lower portion of the mixing drum with its integral toothed gearing is precisely cast from high-grade cast iron is well balanced for vibration free performance for all equipment including the one which is hand fed. The draw bar with turn table on the front axle is for easy towing and a broad wheel base is provided to ensure better stability. The mild steel fabricated upper cone of 3.15 mm thick is riveted on the drum base. Special mixing worm design ensure through mixing of concrete. The mixing drum is mounted on rigidly fabricated mild steel cradle-like yoke. This can be tilted on either side by a hand wheel for variable mixing positions. The drum is fed through hopper. The feeding angle of the hopper has been designed to feed the mixing drum at a higher speed, thereby further increasing efficiency. The bottom thickness of the mixing drum is 15-20 mm which is extremely durable and can resist wear and tear. This is evident from the fact that the C I casting drum weighs 230 kg. All the components are standard make for longer life and the casing materials are of finest quality.

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