The role of a concrete plant is to first weigh aggregates, sand, cement and water and then mix them homogenously to form a mixture we all know as concrete. In some cases additives or fly ash can also be added to the mixing unit. The two main types of concrete plants are dry mix and wet mix plants. Dry mix plants make mixture will all the required components after weighing but without addition of water. In wet mix plants, all the components including water are added.

Concrete batching plants have many parts and accessories like aggregate feeder bins; weighing system for aggregates and sand; conveyor belts / skip hoists for feeding the material into the mixers; separate weighing hoppers for cement, water and additives; storage silo / hopper for fly ash or cement ; mixing unit and control panel to operate the equipment.

Our range of concrete mixers is very wide in the smallest capacity we have the concrete mixers that can handle 3-4 m3/hr. and are one of the oldest form of concrete mixers that we know to the big batch mixers that can make up to 200 m3/hr.

Stationary concrete mix plant India

STATIONARY CONCRETE BATCH PLANTS (30 m3 to 200 m3 per hour)

Stationary concrete batch mix plants are ideal for big infrastructure projects or for projects that do not require frequent shifting of sites. The space required to set up this type of plant is big when compared to the mobile plant. The advantages that the stationary plants offer are that they have comparative bigger storage for aggregate, cement, etc. They produce all types of high quality concrete with product capacities ranging from 30 m3/hr. to 200 m3 per hour. These plants are offered with various customized options to suit requirements of our customers. We know how important a concrete mix plant can be for your project and hence we have made the basic structure of the equipment heavy that can last for years and perform under rough conditions with little care and efforts.

Concrete Batching Plant

MOBILE CONCRETE BATCH PLANTS (20 m3 to 60 m3 per hour)

These mobile concrete batch mix plants are preferred by contractors who want to have a machine which is as accurate as a stationary batch mixer but that can have additional feature like mobility and can is smaller in size to move places fast. In addition to this, these plants can be made to run in quick time as they come prewired from the factory and they do not require much space for installation or for operation. We have many mixer options like twin shaft mixers, pan mixers and planetary mixers for the mobile plants. We have designed these plants to lower the transportation costs and also provide smooth performance along with low cost of operation and maintenance. The control panel is PLC touch screen type which is easy to use and low on maintenance.

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PORTABLE CONCRETE MIXERS (10 m3 to 20 m3 per hour)

Portable concrete mixers are smaller in capacity and size when we compare them to the bigger mobile plants. But performance wise or accuracy wise they are no behind. These plants also come with a total of four bins in 2 x 2 pattern for storage of four different types of gravels / sand. The weighing is also load cell based for aggregates, sand, cement, water and additives. Mixing unit here is a reversible drum mixer. The plant is set on a single chassis with only the cement hopper / silo coming as a separate unit. This single chassis is easy to transport with much fuss. Installation is fast and portable concrete batch plant requires very less space to operate. Operating cost is lower because the parts used are highly durable.  Control panel is PLC type easy to use and comes with printing facility.

Mini concrete plant Diesel installed

MINI CONCRETE BATCH MIXERS (8-9 m3 per hour, 12-13 m3 per hour)

Mini concrete mixers are popular as a reliable and small machine which is not very big in size. The basic principle here is that this machine comes with option of 3 or 2 or 1 bin for feeding materials. With the standard three bin concrete batch mixer, customer can use aggregate, cement and sand. Separate tank and weighing provision for water is also provided with the machine. After weighing only all the materials are added and then mixed into the reversible drum mixer. Maintenance is very well considered as this machine is equipped with a centralized lubrication system for all the moving parts. The sheer small size, low cost and practical application makes this machine an ideal choice for many small, medium and even large size contractors. The operation of this machine is very easy and operating cost lowest in the industry while promising an unmatched product quality.

Small concrete mixer supplier India


If you are looking for a small concrete mixer or a mini concrete mixer look no further than Atlas. Our mixers are offered with three options without hopper, with mechanical hopper and with hydraulic hopper. The operation is by a strong diesel engine. The mixing drum here is crafted with precision on a heavy structure. It is easy to operate this machine and it can be taken to places with less efforts.