Tractor towable hydraulic broom is easy to use road cleaning machine. It can be attached to any tractor and is simple to maintain. The dust collection is done in a bucket and it can be emptied as and when required. The brushes used for cleaning can be replaced easily.


ATLAS Hydraulic road sweeper can be conveniently moved by attaching at the rear of a tractor.
All the parts used are highly durable and suited for tough Indian conditions.
Operating and maintenance of this hydraulic road sweeper is easy and does not require skilled labour.
Its cleaning width is 2.10 mtrs.

hydraulic road sweeper

The hydraulic drive of the tractor drives the hydro motor of the broom. We house a heavy bearing housing so that the motor takes heavy torque easily. The movement of the brush is through a chain wheel drive which is powered by a hydro motor, the chain wheel drive is easy on maintenance and is covered by a cover for protection.

To set the required pressure of the brush, the jack can moves the castor wheel up-down. The castor wheels are heavy duty and the jack provided to move the castor wheels and to apply pressure is a screw type jack.

hydraulic sweeper manufacturers India

There is a dust collection bucket provided with the hydraulic broom which collects all the dust while the brush does the cleaning.

The operating handle is used to empty all the dust as the dust collection bucket is full.

The bearing holds the shaft on which the brushes are fitted. The bearings are for the easy movement of the brushes.

The bearings are mounted on two bolts which can be easily removed to change the brushes. Maintenance becomes easy.

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