Atlas mechanical broom is designed to work (use of) with tractor or any suitable towing vehicle. The dust collection is on one side. The machine is very easy to work. There is a simple hook by which the road sweeper can be attached to the towing vehicle. There are three handles for slope and pressure adjustment. Bristles are easy to replace.


Atlas Mechanical Road sweepers have come with sweeping width of 2.5 meters. These road broom sweepers are equipped with nylon bristles for efficient, fast and durable cleaning of road. In some cases steel wire type bristles can also be provided with the same. Customers can also make combination of nylon and steel bristles. This road cleaning broom is preferred by a lot of road contractors for its ease of operation. ATLAS Mechanical Sweepers can be conveniently moved by attaching at the rear of a tractor or any suitable vehicle. All the parts used to manufacture road cleaning machine are highly durable and suited for tough Indian conditions. As the machine works, dust is being collected on one side of the road. Operating and maintenance of road cleaning machine is easy and does not require skilled labour.

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1. Screw type handle to adjust the operating height and pressure of the mechanical broom. There are a total of two such handles for adjustment of operating height /slope. The screw type handle at the center is for pressure adjustment.

2. Standard Gear Box ensures that the brush moves with the tractor. The chain drive mechanism is responsible for the movement of the axles.

3. Nylon bristles of 2.5 mm thick ensure performance and durability.

4. Rubber covering at the rear of the road sweeper ensures low dust emission.

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