Atlas manufactures mini concrete mixer which is ideal for remote sites. Small batching plant is suitable for places that require extreme mobility. There are two models available which are powered by electric motors and there is one model powered by diesel engine.

There are total of three bins for addition of sand, cement and aggregates. All the bins are with individual load cells for accurate weighing. Similarly water is also weighed by hopper suspended on load cell. The control panel is well laid out and on the chassis of the mobile type mini batch mixer. All the moving points are well lubricated from a single lever making the maintenance part of this machine very easy.


ATLAS is manufacturer of RM Series mini concrete plants it is for those contractors who want a good quality yet accurate small concrete mixers without compromising on the mobility. In the electric range we have the RM 800 that practically gives 8-9 m3/hr. and RM 1050 that practically gives 12-13 m3/hr. With the diesel engine we have the RM 800 diesel that practically gives 8-9 m3/hr. Diesel engine is sourced from reputed manufacturer and it churns out required power for the machine.

These machines perform best at the sites where space is a constrain. It can be towed by any suitable vehicle and can be made in run in few hours. The machines comes with three bins one each for aggregate, sand and cement. There is separate weighing for water and additive is optional. The mixing unit is reversible drum mixer which is maintenance free and does perform well. The control panel is nice and easy to use. Machine calibration is easy. Operation of this machine can be done by any skilled labour with some training. The control panel can also be provided with printer so that mixed material recipe and other important data can be printed at site. The machines that come equipped with diesel engines are easy to use and can be takes to places where electricity is a problem.

Our mini batch plants are working nonstop at many construction sites. The quality we give is unparalleled. All the parts used are highly durable and suited for tough Indian conditions. The design of mixing flights is in such a way that in a short time accurate mixing is done. The mixed material is discharged in a short time due to intelligent flights. All the hydraulic pumps are of standard make and extremely reliable. Location of control panel is easy. Operating and maintenance is easy and does not require skilled labour. All the safety points are very well considered.

Model RM 800 RM 1050 RM 800 – Diesel
Capacity 8-12 m3/hr. 12-15 m3/hr. 8-12 m3/hr.
three bin feeder mini concrete batching plant


Feeding is manual in this type of small RMC plant and there are a total of three buckets that have individual load cells to accurately weigh the materials. After feeding the material, all the weight is displayed in the control panel provided. The feeder of the mini concrete batching plant is also equipped with a vibratory motor for efficient discharge of the materials.

mixing drum mini concrete batching plant


Mixing drum is gear driven and is connected to the drive motor by a V-belt pulley. It helps in minimising vibration and is also less on maintenance.

Mixing drum of the batch mix plant is carved out with extreme precision considering that it is subjected to most torture. The flights are designed to throw out even the smallest particle out of the mixing drum. Mixing is done when the drum moves in forward (clockwise) direction and in the backward (anti clockwise) direction, the material is thrown out. Good mixing in a short time is the characteristic feature of the mixing drum.

Available in two options: Electric operated and Diesel engine.

mini concrete plant electric

Atlas electric operated mini concrete mixers.

Available in two models and in capacities 8-12 m3/hr. and 12-13 m3/hr.

mini concrete plant diesel

Diesel operated batching plant is available in capacity 8-12 m3/hr.

water tank mini concrete batching plant


Water tank of capacity 200 liters (RM-800) / 250 liters (RM-1050) is supplied with the small batch plant. The water tank is mounted on a load cell. The exact required quantity of water can be controlled from the panel.

The water pump can automatically fill the tank when the water level goes below the desired level.

control panel mini concrete batching plant


The control Panel is the most important part. The entire operating is precisely controlled by the panel board. All the electric controls supplied with are standard make. Lubrication to a total of 11 points (RM-800) and 14 points (RM-1050) is possible by a single hand lever valve located near the control panel. In short all the moving parts are lubricated by pulling a single lever.

lubrication system portable concrete batch plant


A lubrication system for all moving parts is possible by using a single lever located near the control panel. This easy system makes the maintenance of the machine very easy.

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Mini concrete batching plant, India

12-15 m3/hr. Nr. Halol, Gujarat

Mini concrete plant Diesel, India

8-12 m3/hr. Diesel near Bhavnagar.

Mini concrete batch mix plant India

8-12 m3/hr. in Rajkot.

Buy Mini batch plant

8-12 m3/hr. – Diesel for Nepal. Two machines

For sale mini batching plant

8-12 m3/hr. Nr. Nimbaheda, Rajasthan

Small concrete batch mix plant manufacturer Angola

12-15 m3/hr. for Angola

Small concrete mixer Nigeria

12-15 m3/hr. for Nigeria.