Road cleaning requires the use of broom machine and the mechanical broom does the cleaning job with ease and perfection. Atlas Mechanical broom also known as road cleaning machine. Road sweeper is specially meant for road cleaning purpose.

Three screw type handles are provided to adjust the operating height of the mechanical broom. These three handles are for adjustment of operating height at three different levels.

Fitted at the rear of a tractor, mechanical sweeper comes with a sweeping width of 2.25 meters.

The broom comes with adjustable handles and does the cleaning job efficiently. The mechanical broom moves with the flow of the tractor to which it is attached. There is a Standard Gear Box which ensures that the brush moves with the tractor. The chain drive mechanism is responsible for the movement of the axles.

The pressure which the broom applies on the road can be increased or decreased to aid effective cleaning. The broom comes with bristles made up of either nylon or steel bristles or a combination of both. The nylon and steel bristles act efficiently in alternate combination and give superior results in terms of cleaning.

The mechanical road sweeper transfers the accumulated dust to the left side of the road as it cleans the surface. The broom is adjustable on both the sides of the road.

The broom is very easy to operate and does not require special skills to use it.