Atlas make road sweepers that are small and easy to use are preferred by many road contractors. Lot of efforts has to be made to keeps roads clean. These road cleaning brooms are suitable for cleaning paved and unpaved surfaces. Both the models that we offer the – mechanical broom and hydraulic broom are easy to use and maintain. They promise low initial cost and low cost of ownership. One of the key highlights is that these machines do not take up large space.

Road sweeping machine
Hydraulic road sweeping machine


The standard mechanical road sweeper comes with 2.5 meters cleaning width. It is one of the simplest machine available for road cleaning. It is easy to use as it can be pulled and operated by any suitable vehicle. It uses nylon or steel or a combination of nylon and steel bristles for cleaning the road. There are total three screw type handles on the machine. The jacks on the sides are for slope adjustment as per the road and the center jack is for pressure adjustment. Dust collection with this road cleaning machine is on one side of the road. It is ideal for rough surfaces and wet mix roads.





For paved surfaces hydraulic broom is ideal equipment. It has a cleaning width of 2.1 meters. Simply connect it to the hydraulic drive of a tractor and it is ready to work. It is powered by the hydraulic drive of the tractor. Brush movement is through a chain wheel drive powered by the hydro motor. These bristles can be easily replaced. Pressure adjustment can be done by use of the screw type jacks on the broom. The advantage of this road sweeper is that it comes with a bucket that collects all the dust as the machine does the cleaning process.