Vacuum dewatering system or VDS is a set of four machines that are used to get a nice and hard concrete floor. The four equipment that help in dewatering process are double beam screed vibrator, vacuum pump, power floater cum trowel and groove cutter.

There are certain advantages of using de watering systems over normal concrete slabs:
It reduces the water cement ratio compared to the normal concrete slabs.
It increases the tensile strength of the floor.
There is also a rise in abrasion resistance when vacuum dewatering systems are used
Faster initial strength gain in case where de watering systems are used.

Atlas double beam screed vibrator Mehsana


Double Beam Screed Vibrators are used to give a uniform flooring to the RCC flooring. The heavy weight removes any external air bubbles of the RCC flooring. The difference in superior compaction is seen by the heavy weight it eludes. It is driven by a 1 HP motor. For the safety of motor, an electric starter is provided.

power floater cum trowel


Power Floater cum trowel is powered by 3 HP geared motor / 4.5 HP Petrol engine and is used to give a superior finishing to the RCC flooring. The gear box is heavy duty and sturdy designed for rough Indian conditions. The dish used for finishing is 4mm thick and is very important to maintain a long life. This machine also works as a trowel for best finished floor. Conversation from floater to trowel is very easy.

vacuum dewatering pump


Vacuum Pump is used to suck all the air bubbles that may have trapped during the laying of the concrete. It allows the cement to come up to upper layers and hence gives a superior strength to the floor. The three mats: filter mat, suction mat and top mat, these mates do not allow cement to come up but only sucks the extra water. Top mat size is 4.5 m x 5.5 m. During working, it eludes a vacuum pressure of 450-500 mm/Hg . Maximum pump pressure which can be developed is 650 mm/Hg. It is powered by 5 HP / 7.5 HP motor.

groove cutting machine


Groove Cutting machine is used when accurate and quick cutting of the concrete slab is required. The blade can cut the floor up to 100 mm. Blades with cutting depth of 200 mm can also be provided. As per customers requirement. Blades come with cutting width of 14″ to 24″ . The blade used is of superior quality and is long lasting.
It also has a 60 liter water tank to wet the blade during operation.
It operates on a chain wheel drive and is extremely from the safety point of view
It is powered by 10 HP standard make motor or engine of capacity 8-9 HP.

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