Curb Cutter
ATLAS curb cutters are designed to perform in tough Indian conditions.
It is powered by standard make engine.
The blade can be operated up and down up to 500 mm on an uneven surface and adjustments can be made by 3 hand-wheels.
High performance cutting blade specially made for cutting RCC is aided by water stored at the tank thus increasing the life of the blade.
Operating and maintenance is easy and does not require skilled labour.
All the safety points are very well considered while making this sprayer.
AStandard make hundred liter water tank to cool the blades when working.
BStandard make 4.5 HP (3600 rpm) / 9 HP (3600 rpm) engine powered by petrol or diesel.
CTotal of 3 screw handles to adjust the working height of cutting blade. Total adjustable height is up to 500 mm
DHand wheel is provided to move the machine in forward and backward direction.
EBlade is made up of high quality material. We can provide you blade with maximum cutting depth of 7 to 12          inches depending on the customers requirement.
FTotal of 4 wheels to move the machine while cutting.
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