Vacuum De Watering System is preferred by contractors as they have high quality long strip casting of floors at an affordable cost. It removes excess water from the green concrete by vacuum process enabling the water – cement ratio to reduce drastically-resulting in quick and a very good binding. The wet concrete is compressed by atmospheric pressure and the excess water is squeezed out of the concrete by vacuum – dewatering system. The system brings compactness to the concrete and also improves the compressive strength, density and the resistance to water penetration-a factor which is more important for long lasting of the floor and adds to the resistance of the floor.

There are certain advantages of using de watering systems over normal concrete slabs:

It reduces the water cement ratio compared to the normal concrete slabs.

It increases the tensile strength of the floor.

There is also a rise in abrasion resistance when vacuum de watering systems are used

Faster initial strength gain is seen in case where de watering systems are used.

Power Floater cum trowel is used to give a superior finishing to the RCC flooring after the double beam vibrator had done its task.

Vacuum Pump is used to suck all the air bubbles that may have trapped during the laying of the concrete. It allows the cement to come up to upper layers and hence gives a superior strength to the floor. The three mats: filter mat, suction mat and top mat, these mates do not allow cement to come up but only sucks the extra water.

Groove Cutter is used when accurate and quick cutting of the concrete slab is required.

The blade can cut the floor up to 100 mm.